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The Hausdörfer method sets you free from stuttering

Stuttering is aggravating. You cannot express yourself the way you want. And feeling that tension before and while you speak influences your entire life. You have tried every method to rid yourself from stuttering and you still stutter? The stuttering therapy of the Hausdörfer-institute for Natural Speech helps you in the most efficient and natural way to become Free from Stuttering. Does that mean that you won’t stutter anymore? No, you can still stutter sometimes but it doesn’t rule your life. You can literally become free from stuttering. Contact us today!

Why the Hausdörfer method?

  • Suitable for everyone, from young to old
  • Founded in science
  • Solid and enduring results
  • Personal and warm approach
  • You don’t have a speech problem but a fear problem
  • Working on the core of stuttering, not on symptoms
  • Doing less instead of doing more
  • You are not learning anything unnatural
  • Very useful for parents of young children
  • Various therapy opportunities

Our stuttering therapy: How does it work?

Freeing yourself from stuttering is changing a mindset. You don’t have to fight it. With Hausdörfer’s approach you will work less and have more energy left. We use three important aspects. These are not difficult and within reach.

Focus on your voice

Without judgement

I can