The Hausdörfer method sets you free from stuttering

Someone who stutters can speak very well. Stuttering has no physical cause but starts with anxious thoughts and feelings about speaking. Stuttering has everything to do with fear and shame. This is what the Hausdörfer-method focuses on. You stutter because you desperately want to speak fluently. Because of that, you have unconsciously adopted an unnatural speaking method. You can speak just fine, but you just forgot how.

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Not being able to say what, how and when you want. To always feel tension, anxiety and shame when you talk. Afraid of what others think about your way of speaking. Stuttering controls and influences your entire life. You can change this! Permanently!

The Hausdörfer stuttering therapy helps you in the most efficient and natural way to become free from stuttering. Are you looking for help for yourself or your child? You are at the right address. The Hausdörfer-method has helped us as well as thousands of others.

“I stuttered since I was 4. Since then I had speech therapy and followed various stutter therapies. With the Hausdörfer therapy, all the puzzle pieces fell in place for me. This was the method for me to get rid of my stuttering. Unlike other stutter therapies, Hausdörfer tackled the problem at the core.” 


Who we are helping


We help parents to treat their child instead of bringing toddlers to therapy. With few instructions you will help your child yourself, under our supervision.


We believe it is best to treat children in a family setting. In a relaxed environment at home, we can offer easy exercises to free your child from stuttering.


Therapy for adults can be done in an individual or group setting. Alternatively when distance is an issue, we can do online sessions.

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Whether you’re an adult or a parent of a child who stutters, now is the time to take action. Contact us today!

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