Hausdörfer Stuttering Therapy

Thinking differently about stuttering!

How it works

Freeing yourself from stuttering is changing your mindset. With Hausdörfer’s approach, you will work less and have more energy left. We use three important aspects. These are not difficult and within reach.

Focus on voice

The Hausdörfer method teaches you how to focus on your voice consciously. This is a natural tool as every baby learns to talk this way.

Letting go

Stuttering is not bad. It does not mean that you are less if you stutter. We help you to free yourself from your thoughts about your speech. To let go of your ideas about speech as well as the opinions of others.

I can

During the foundation course, you gain the confidence that you can speak. We will teach you how to direct your voice. That you can shape and direct your voice in any way. And that you can talk without difficulty: Free from stuttering.

The starting point of the Hausdörfer method

Stuttering is a result of anxiety and fear
Our method restores confidence in speech
Everyone can be free from stuttering

The Founder: Oscar Hausdörfer (1864-1951)

Hausdörfer therapy is based on the life work of the German pharmacist Oscar Hausdörfer. Until the age of twenty, Hausdörfer was a severe stutterer who managed to free himself (and many others) from stuttering. In 1894, he gave himself a birthday gift by setting up his “Speech Institute.” He then devoted the rest of his life to helping stuttering children and adults. Because of its simplicity, his approach is powerful and effective.

The method was forgotten

Oscar Hausdörfer died on December 12, 1951, at the age of 87. After his death, his daughter Erna continued his life’s work for a few years. However, after Erna Hausdörfer passed away in 1975, the method was forgotten for several years. In 1982, a former student of Hausdörfer, Roswitha Schöttke, picked up the thread again. During a self-help congress at the Bundevereinigung in Münster, she talked about her experiences with the Hausdörfer method that freed her from stuttering.

A success in The Netherlands

In 1984 Dutchman Jan Heuvel followed a workshop by Schöttke during a stuttering convention in Cologne, Germany. Jan was a severe stutterer up until that moment. He had already completed many therapies to get rid of stuttering. Due to the Hausdörfer method, Jan becomes free of stuttering at the age of twenty -five. He became so enthusiastic about the method that he decided to help as many other stutterers as possible. In 1988 he therefore introduced the Hausdörfer method in the Netherlands. The method has now freed hundreds of people from stuttering, from very young to the elderly.

In Canada since 2000

Robin Timmerman is a therapist at the Hausdörfer Institute in Canada. He followed Hausdörfer therapy in the Netherlands in 1999. The Canadian institute receives input and guidance from Jan Heuvel at the institute in the Netherlands. We hope that we can help you or your loved one also to become free from stuttering.